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Ronde van Nederland - Tour of the Netherlands

Arnhem - Arnhem

1385 km

Ronde van Nederland

The Ronde van Nederland (Tour of the Netherlands) via LF routes is the ultimate cycle route for any holiday cyclist. Several (sections of) LF routes have been linked together to provide 1,385 kilometres (year 2020) of cycling fun in the Netherlands. Where possible, the route follows the borders of the Netherlands, showcasing the great variety of landscapes the country has to offer. It runs from the North Sea coast to Achterhoek and from the terps (man-made hills) of Groningen to the meres of Brabant. All along this route, you get to experience a wealth of scenic features, including typical villages and towns, dunes, dykes, woodlands, polders, rivers, heathlands, hills. The route is signposted in two directions with LF signs. A special Ronde van Nederland cycle guide is available for this route (Dutch version only). You also can choose the Basiskaart LF routes, a cycle atlas on which the complete LF route network and all cycle junctions are mapped out.  

Cycle the Tour, one bit at a time!
For most people, cycling the entire Ronde van Nederland (Tour of the Netherlands) is a huge (sporting) challenge. After all, cycling about 1,400 kilometres along the borders of the Netherlands is no mean feat. If you have cycled the Tour and can prove that you have done so, you deserve a suitable memento in the form of a certificate and a representation of your certificate in the 'Wij fietsten de Ronde van Nederland' (We cycled the Tour of the Netherlands) hall of fame (on the Dutch website).

How do I qualify?
Do you plan to cycle the Ronde van Nederland (Tour of the Netherlands) and do you want to qualify for a certificate? Simply take a picture at the six locations mentioned below, each of them characteristic of the section of the route you are cycling. Preferably with both you and the route sign in the picture. If you are cycling the tour solo, just take a picture of the sign and your bike instead.

The six picture locations are:

  • LF1 the lighthouse of Noordwijk (see map section 23*)
  • LF10 De Stenen Man (The Stone Man) sculpture on the sea dyke just south of Harlingen (see map section 30*)
  • LF14 megalith between Drouwen and Bronneger (see map section 37*)
  • LF4 the Bommelas in Buurserzand (see map section 45*)
  • LF3 at the Vierlingsbeek – Bergen ferry (see map section 4*)
  • LF13 cycle bridge over the river De Mark west of Ulvenhout (see map section 13*)

*of the cycle guide Ronde van Nederland via LF-routes//Tour of the Netherlands via LF routes 

Email your pictures to Landelijk Fietsplatform (info[ad]fietsplatform.nl, max 500 kb per picture). The pictures remain the property of Fietsplatform and may be reproduced in any format or medium by Landelijk Fietsplatform. Please indicate whether you and your cycling partner wish to receive one joint certificate or two separate ones. Also, don’t forget to mention the dates you started and completed the tour. We will email you a pdf of the certificate within a few weeks. NB: There are no time limits on completing the Tour. 

Attention: Afsluitdijk under construction
The Afsluitdijk bicycle route is closed to cyclists, so Rijkswaterstaat can complete maintenance on the Wadden Sea side of the Afsluitdijk. Free bus transport is available during this maintenance period. Bus stops are at Den Oever, the Monument, Breezanddijk and Kornwerderzand. Please see the website (in Dutch) for further information.

Please note: Provision can be made for bicycles that are too large to use the bus. Cyclists for whom this applies should contact the Service Desk of the Afsluitdijk at least two workdays ahead of time. Likewise, if a larger group of cyclists is planning to use the Afsluitdijk, you may want to contact the Service Desk. The service desk can be contacted at loket@deafsluitdijk.nl or +31 800-6040.