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Cycle transport and repair

Many Dutch people transport their bike on the roof or the back of the car using a special bike carrier. The alternative is to travel by train: start your LF or junction route at one station and finish at another. Taking your bike on the train allows you to easily get back to your starting point. This way, you don’t always have to cycle circular routes and you can set off from different places. Make sure you carefully study the costs and conditions involved beforehand.

Taking your bike on the train 
Travelling by train with your bike is possible to a limited extent. With a Fietskaart Dal (€7.50), you can bring your bicycle along with you during off-peak hours. A reservation is recommended. Reservations can be made via the NS app or customer service by specifying the train in which you will travel with your bicycle. If there is a switch in your journey, you will need to make a reservation for both trains. However, this is no guarantee: a train can be cancelled or shorter than planned, causing bicycle spaces to be lost. Moreover, because the bicycle spaces are shared with disabled persons, it may turn out at the last moment that there is no room for your bicycle, despite the reservation. Place your bicycle in the designated compartment of the train, indicated by the bike sticker on the side of the train. For further instruction check the NS-website

Cycle repair
A flat tyre, a broken chain, it can happen to any cyclist. But armed with the tips and information on this page, you will soon be on your way again! Need help repairing your bike? Find out here where to go.

Help along the way
At larger train stations, there are always cycle parking areas where you can hire a bike or have it repaired. Almost every village or city has a cycle repair shop. At ‘Fietsers Welkom!’ (Cyclists Welcome!) locations, there is always a repair kit or bicycle pump available. If you have problems repairing your bike, your host or hostess will direct you to a cycle repair shop in the area.

Fixing a punctured tyre
Punctures are always a pain. To minimise the inconvenience, always carry a spare tyre. Want to repair the puncture there and then? Make sure the glue is not too old. Tip: to find the puncture, use a so-called ‘lekzoeker’ or puncture detector, a quick and easy way to locate punctures in tyres. Available to buy at any cycle shop in the Netherlands.