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Cycle hire and parking

If you prefer leaving your own bike at home, you can simply hire one at the start of your cycle trip. Many signposted routes start and finish at train stations: handy places to hire a bike. Large cycle repair shops or cycle shops, particularly in tourist areas, also offer cycle hire. Once on your way, many places provide secure cycle parking facilities at a minimal fee. When staying in accommodation with the Fietsers Welkom! (Cyclists Welcome!) quality label, you are guaranteed a secure place to store your bike.

Cycle hire at the station
Cycling and rail travel in the Netherlands go really well together: via LF or junction routes, you can cycle from station to station. To return to your starting point, you can just hop on a train. For more information about rail travel, click here. Bikes generally have to be returned to their original docking stations. Many stations provide cycle hire from € 6.50 a day (including theft insurance). You will be asked for a valid proof of identity and a deposit (€ 50 to € 145). Advance booking by phone is advisable.
Dutch people often hire an OV (public transport) bike. However, because of the special season ticket involved, this bike is less suitable for foreign tourists.

Cycle hire at cycle repair shop/cycle shop
Is your starting point nowhere near a station? Just hire a bike from a cycle repair or cycle shop in a village or city or in tourist locations e.g. at a ferry jetty (West Frisian Islands).The local Tourist Information Office will point you in the right direction. In Amsterdam a well known place for hiring your bike is Frederics. Or you can hire at Mac Bike. Cycle hire companies generally ask for proof of identity. Make sure to also inquire in advance about whether or not a deposit is required and what the insurance excess is in the event of damage or theft. Note that cycle repair and cycle shops have more limited opening hours than cycle hire providers at stations. You can also check the website for renting bikes ListnRide. If you want to rent a racing bike, road bike or trekking bike you can do so via Wiel-rent. It is a plus you can return the rented bike to another city - at an additional cost. 

The e-bike, or electric bike, has seen a tremendous rise in popularity in recent years in the Netherlands. When you use one of these bikes, you can cover considerably greater distances. And they make cycling in a headwind a lot easier. The number of public charging points is increasing rapidly. For information about where to hire e-bikes, contact or visit the local Tourist Information Office.

Cycle parking
There are many places – at stations or in the city centre – that provide secure cycle parking facilities for a small fee. In the Netherlands, you will also find many free cycle stands. When you park your bike in one of these free stands, make sure to always lock it securely. In the city, Dutch people sometimes even use two locks. One of these is a chain lock that is secured around a fixed object (cycle stand, lamp post). It deters bicycle thieves from stealing the bike. Outside the city, one lock is enough. Hire bikes always come with a lock.