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Cycle-friendly places and lodging

logo Fietsers Welkom!In the Netherlands, places that carry the Fietsers Welkom! (Cyclists Welcome!) quality label, go the extra mile to cater to cyclists’ needs. You will enjoy a warm welcome, even when you have a punctured tyre or arrive all sweaty. There are over 1,000 cycle-friendly places to eat, drink and stay in the Netherlands. These are just a selection of the total number of hotel and catering establishments the country has to offer. You can recognise them by the Fietsers Welkom! sign on the front of the buildings. You can find them in the cycle route planner. As you zoom in on the map, you will see junctions and Fietsers Welkom! locations appear.

Catering to cyclists’ needs
At cycle-friendly hotel and catering establishments, you can fill up your water bottle; charge your electric bike; use a bicycle pump, tyre repair or first-aid kit. They also sell or provide cycle maps for you to consult. You will always receive a warm welcome, even when you turn up in wet rainwear or muddy shoes.
Cycle-friendly accommodation providers also offer cyclists somewhere to stay for just one night. What’s more, there is always somewhere to park your bike safely. You can buy or consult cycle maps and some providers also offer cycling packages.

Cycle-friendly accommodation providers with the Fietsers Welkom! label include camp sites, hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, as well as hostels. Almost all Natuurkampeerterreinen (Natural Campsites) carry the Fietsers Welkom! label. The same goes for several camp sites with hiker’s huts and Stayokay hostels. More information about the different types of accommodation available along the way is given below.

Natural Campsite (Natuurkampeerterrein)

Natural Campsites are a perfect choicelogo Natuurkampeerterreinen of accommodation for cyclists who want to stay in areas of natural beauty. To do so, you will need to buy a compulsory permit (Natuurkampeerkaart) at Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB shops, travel bookshops or the campsite where you want to stay. You can also pre-order your permit from 'Stichting De Groene Koepel'. Together with your permit, you will receive Het Groene Boekje (The Green Guide) with a description (in Dutch only) of all Campsites. All natuurkampeerterreinen are signed up to Fietsers Welcome! (Cyclists Welcome!). The website is available in English.

Hiker’s hut (Trekkershut)

logo TrekkershuttenHiker’s huts are simple log cabins sleeping 4 to 5 people. They are situated on camp sites and provide the use of camp-site sanitary facilities. The huts are equipped with bunk beds with mattresses and pillows, a dining table with chairs, and a cooker. Bed linen and kitchen items are not provided. Prices start from € 25 per hut per night; booking is required. The locations of all hiker’s huts are listed in the recreational cycle route planner. The website is available in Engish.


logo StayokayStayokay offers affordable accommodation in the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. The hostels offer several rooms. They are the perfect location to meet other cyclists! Prices start from € 21 per person per night including breakfast. A Stayokay card gives you a 10% discount per night. Click here for more information (website available in English).

Nivon Friends of Nature Accommodation (Nivon Natuurvriendenhuis)

logo NivonNivon, a Dutch organisation promoting culture and nature conservation, provides hospitable accommodation in the countryside in the form of Nivon Friends of Nature Accommodation. Run by volunteers, the houses are equipped with double bedrooms (sheets available for hire), a communal kitchen (including pans, crockery) and a dining room. Nivon accommodation is open to members and non-members. Prices range from € 22.50 to € 30 per person per night; Nivon members get a 30% discount. Booking is preferred. See here for more information (website in Dutch only).

Friends on Bicycles (Vrienden op de Fiets)

logo Vrienden op de FietsMembers only non-commercial accommodation provided by Stichting Vrienden op de Fiets. The foundation’s annual supporter fee is € 10. Supporters of the foundation receive a guide with over 5,000 non-commercial accommodation providers, across the Netherlands. One night’s stay costs € 22.50 per person per night. The Vrienden op de Fiets website is available in English.

Stay on a farm: VeKaBo/SVR

If you want to experience the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of the countryside, a camp site or stay on a farm with simple amenities may be just the thing for you. VeKaBo Nederland provides two accommodation guides, available to buy via their website (only in Dutch) and local Tourist Information Offices. Supporters of Stichting Vrije Recreatie (SVR) (Free Recreation Foundation) (only in Dutch) receive a biannual overview of all camp sites and accommodation provided by farmers and private individuals who are members of SVR. Supporters (annual fee of € 10) can also access these locations online by logging into the SVR website.

Bed and Breakfast

www.bedandbreakfast.nl has over 5,500 small-scale accommodation listings, spread across the Netherlands. These B&Bs offer a personal service in a warm, friendly setting. www.bedandbreakfast.nl offers a wide variety of great value for money accommodation: from historic buildings in the city to mills, farms or villas. The website is available in English.