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hollandcyclingroutes.com is an initiative of Landelijk Fietsplatform the official Dutch organisation for recreational cycling

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Online cycle route planner

The best known online cycle route planner is based on the national LF route network and connecting regional junction networks. Besides cycle routes, the route planner also provides information about points of interest, such as picnic benches and accommodation. It also lists all places with the Fietsers Welkom! (Cyclists Welcome!) label, cycle-friendly places to eat, drink and stay.

How does it work?
Use the route planner to plan your own route or to view separate LF routes. In case of the latter, click on ‘LF-routes in the menu of the planner and select the relevant LF route. You will instantly see the route depicted on a map, with such useful details as description, ferry times, number of kilometres, etc. You can download GPS tracks of your chosen route(s) here too. If you need extra assistance, click on ‘Help’ in the bottom right of the map. The default language is Dutch but you can change it in English.

De routeplanner is uitgeschakeld voor mobiel. Wilt u de routeplanner gebruiken, open deze dan op uw desktop pc of tablet