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The Tour of the Netherlands - our experience

Petar Pantev "Our cycletour 'Ronde van Nederland' was a very enriching experience and a very unsual one for us because we live in Bulgaria and had to travel from our home country to the Netherlands, in order to embark on this cycling adventure. We love cycling and often visit your wonderful website. The whole idea of making a fietstour of Holland came up one day as we were going through the different long-distance routes and we were quite charmed by the vision of how it would be to visit all of the splendid sites allong the 1300-km route. So, we decided to lay the blueprints for the fietstour a year ago and began by exploring the online cycle-route planner and by investigating the GPS track, which turned out to be extremely helpful on our way. Then, we asked some Dutch friends of ours who live in Bulgaria, to help us and purchase the paper map from Holland. We drew the route on the map and set the distances for each day.

Meanwhile, we ordered specially designed bikes for long-distance trekking with 30 gears and hydraulic brakes. We later found out that, well, we didn't need that many gears. We planned every detail of our equipment for months and even bought a Hero HD camera to film the experience.

Strahil PetevWe were so lucky with the weather that accompanied us on our fietstour - there was lovely sunshine all throughout the route. That helped us see Holland at its best - the romantic dunes, the pastoral landscapes, the forests, the rivers, the intricate network of canals and the outstanding Dutch hospitality. Though every day was filled with fatigue and anxiety to keep on track with the route, the natural beauties of the low lands kept us going overjoyed to have the magnificent chance to marvel at them. Reflecting on the days past on the LF- routes, we could say that each day was a new beginning and offered us a different image of Holland. Thus, with great delight, it is our firm belief, that the Netherlands is the best country in the world for cycling.

Hopefully, here in Bulgaria, we'll too have the capacity to build such an enormous and well-maintained system of all kinds of  bicycle lanes and roads. This was one of the purposes of our fietstour - to promote cycling in Bulgaria and bring public attention to the necessity of the construction of well-ordered cycling routes. We can only congratulate you on having completed this gigantis task of organizing the Fietsland network and having seen it in reality, inspires us to believe we can do it in Bulgaria as well.

Finally, we would like to say thank you for being there for us and wish that more and more people take to cycling and feel what Nederland Fietsland really is."

Petar en Strahil Petev (Bulgaria)