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Rondje Twente - Tour of Twente

Ommen - Ommen

165 km

Rondje Twente

Rondje Twente (Tour of Twente) is a themed LF route through Twente and across National Park De Sallandse Heuvelrug. Approximately 165 kilometres long, this is a lovely route for a great weekend of cycling. It consists of sections of LF routes LF14, LF15 and LF8. A fantastic way to enjoy the stunning landscapes of Twente and Salland with their undulating fields and patchworks of meadows, wooded banks, woodlands, brooks and typical farms.

Twente is a farming region of great natural beauty which boasts a varied, small-scale bocage landscape with a diverse relief, important nature reserves and many lush country estates. This is a region of unrivalled charm and tranquillity. But you will also travel through characteristic towns like Ootmarsum, Denekamp and Delden. In and around Enschede, you will notice traces of a rich industrial past. Fortunately, a considerably number of folk traditions have survived in Twente, such as ‘klootschieten’, a ball game somewhat similar to Irish road bowling. No doubt, these experiences and others will give you a real taste of Twente.