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Nederlandse Kustroute - Dutch Coastal Route

Sluis - Nieuweschans

570 km

Nederlandse Kustroute

Update: The LF Kustroute is one of the first new LF icon routes on which we will focus in the coming years. The routes are given a strong theme, the signposting will be updated and an app and special LF website will be created for additional up-to-date information.The signs of the LF1 and LF10 will disappear in the coming months and will be replaced by LF Kustroute signs. The transformation of the Kustroute will take place in the first months of 2020. The biggest changes will take place between Callantsoog and Hippolytushoef. You will follow the coastline to Den Helder and continue your way south towards Hippolytushoef. The new route will be available spring 2020 and measures 610 km.

Cycling along the Dutch coast means cycling with the wind in your hair. Sometimes, you will experience a tailwind; other times, a headwind, but you will always get a ‘taste’ of that wonderful seaside feeling. The themed Nederlandse Kustroute (Dutch Coastal Route) combines LF1 and LF10 and provides approximately 570 km of cycling fun. Simply follow the relevant rectangular signs with green lettering, signposted in two directions.

The LF1 between Sluis and Den Helder is characterised by long, narrow dune areas along the coast of Holland and by the South Holland and Zealand islands. Small seaside resorts and historic cities provide great stop-over places along the route. The LF10 from Callantsoog to Nieuweschans takes you through one of the most peaceful and sparsely populated areas in the Netherlands and yet offers a diverse landscape, among other because of the former West Frisian island of Wieringen and various other authentic ‘terp’ villages, (terps are low man-made hills around which villages were traditionally built) and towns. 

beeldmerk EV12

If this leaves you wanting more, you can simply carry on across the border. The route is in fact the Dutch part of the international North Sea Cycle Route (EuroVelo 12).

Current Information!
The Afsluitdijk bicycle route will be closed to cyclists from 1 April 2019 to 1 April 2022. The closure is required so Rijkswaterstaat can complete maintenance on the Wadden Sea side of the Afsluitdijk. 

Free bus transport is available during this maintenance period. The bus departs hourly and can carry about 15 bicycles and 25 passengers.The maximum size of the bicycles allowed on the bus is 0.80 m wide and 1.90 m long. Bus stops are at Den Oever, the Monument, Breezanddijk and Kornwerderzand. Please see the bus schedule below for further information.


Please Note
Provision can be made for bicycles that are too large to use the bus. Cyclists for whom this applies should contact the Service Desk of the Afsluitdijk at least two workdays ahead of time. Likewise, if a larger group of cyclists is planning to use the Afsluitdijk, you may want to contact the Service Desk. The service desk can be contacted at loket@deafsluitdijk.nl or +31 800-6040.