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LF Maasroute - River Maas Cycle Route

Maastricht - Hoek van Holland - Rotterdam

480 km

LF Maasroute

LF Maasroute bordje Maastricht - Hoek van Holland - Rotterdam

The LF Maasroute is the first of the new LF icon routes on which the Fietsplatform will focus the LF network in the coming years. The routes are given a strong theme, the signposting is being updated and an app and special LF website have been created for additional up-to-date information.

This route between Maastricht Hoek van Holland and Rotterdam is the Dutch part of the International Maasfietsroute, EuroVelo 19, from its source in the Vosges, through the Ardennes and the Dutch river Maas delta to the Dutch coast and famour harbour city Rotterdam. The meandering river is as much as possible your guide in this journey.

How to find the route
The Dutch part of the Maasfietsroute (River Maas Cycle Route) can be found in an cycle guide. This cycle guide provides 3 maps (unbound, scale 1:100,000) and handy information of all the route itself.

From a to b
The LF Maasroute (River Maas Cycle Route) is not a circular route. In other words, the end point is in a different location than the starting point. The best thing to do is to start off at a train station and finish at a different train station along the route. There, you can simply take your bike on the train to travel back to your starting point. Would you rather leave your own bike at home? No problem. Bikes can be hired at many stations in the Netherlands.

Fietsers Welkom! (Cyclists Welcome!)
There are lots of opportunities along the way to stop for a break or stay at ‘Fietsers Welkom!’ (Cyclists Welcome!) establishments. You will always enjoy a warm welcome at these establishments, even if you have a punctured tyre or arrive all rain-soaked. There are over 1,000 cycle-friendly establishments in the Netherlands. They can be recognised by the ‘Fietsers Welkom!’ sign displayed on the front of the establishment. They are indicated on the map on the recreational cycle route planner (Recreatieve fietsrouteplanner) page. As you zoom in, junctions and ‘Fietsers Welkom!’ establishments will appear.