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International routes

LF routes don’t end at the border. What’s more, some LF routes are part of international cycle routes including the following routes:

  • The North Sea Cycle Route (NSCR – EuroVelo 12), with LF Kustroute constituting the Dutch part of the route. This 6,000 kilometre long route travels through eight countries along the North Sea.
  • The Internationale Rijnfietsroute (International Rhine Cycle Route – EuroVelo 15), along the banks of the Rhine, starts in Switzerland and ends in the Netherlands with the Rijnfietsroute (Rhine Cycle Route).
  • The Internationale Maasroute (International Maas Route - EuroVelo 19) follows the river Maas from its source to estuary. The Dutch LF Maasroute (Maas Route) constitutes the Dutch part of this route.
  • The LF16 Vechtdalroute follows the river Vecht between Zwolle (NL) and Darfeld (DE). For inspiration you can read a blog about a cycling holiday on the Vechtdalroute.

Cycle maps and guides
Separate cycle guides and maps are available of all international routes, including, of course, in languages other than Dutch. They can be purchased at specialist bookshops or ordered online at the online shop of the Fietsvakantiewinkel (in Dutch only). Stichting Europafietsers has developed several cycle routes to attractive destinations such as the Mediterranean Sea and Santiago de Compostella.