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hollandcyclingroutes.com is an initiative of Landelijk Fietsplatform the official Dutch organisation for recreational cycling

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GPS tracks

Holiday cyclists who have a GPS device can download GPS tracks of LF routes (long-distance routes) provided by nederlandfietsland.nl. Please find below an overview of available GPS tracks. 

LF icon route 
LF Maasfietsroute 480 km Maastricht - Hoek van Holland - Rotterdam Go to website
LF Zuiderzeeroute 440 km Amsterdam - Amsterdam Go to website
LF Kustroute 610 km Cadzand-Bad  - Bad Nieuweschans Go to website
LF Waterlinieroute 410 km Edam - Bergen op Zoom Go to website
LF route 
LF3 Hanzeroute 135 km Kampen - Millingen Download GPS-track
LF4 Midden-Nederlandroute 290 km Den Haag - Enschede Download GPS-track
LF9 NAP-route 455 km Nieuweschans - Breda Download GPS-track
LF13 Schelde-Rheinroute 290 km Vlissingen - Venlo Download GPS-track
LF14 Saksenroute 240 km Lauwersoog - Enschede Download GPS-track
LF17 60 km Gorinchem - Wijk bij Duurstede Download GPS-track
Rijnfietsroute (NL-part) 270 km Millingen - Hoek van Holland Download GPS-track
Ronde van Nederland 1300 km Arnhem - Arnhem Download GPS-track

A few comments regarding these tracks:
• gpx files are automatically generated in our Geographic Information System
• One .gpx file per LF route
• gpx can contain several tracks (each with max 500 track points)
• Accuracy up to 25 m
• Loops at viaducts and bridges are not shown in tracks for technical reasons
• Number of kilometres may deviate slightly. Kilometre figures stated are the generally reported, rounded figures