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Long-distance cycle routes

If you are putting together your own cycling holiday, the best thing to do is to follow the LF routes: linear cycle routes which are intended for cycling from a to b. They can easily be combined with themed routes. And whether you are camping or prefer having a proper roof over your head, you won’t have any trouble finding a nice place to stay thanks to a great choice of cycle-friendly accommodation in the Netherlands. Don’t fancy organising everything yourself? Just let one of the many companies who provide cycling packages do it for you!

LF routes
LF routes are national cycle routes perfect for multi-day cycle trips. These long-distance, cross-border routes constitute a national network of approximately 4,500 kilometres. They are signposted in two directions with rectangular white signs with green lettering. The signs show the route number, the route name and a directional arrow. The addition of ‘a’ or ‘b’ indicates the direction: direction a (e.g. LF1a Noordzeeroute/North Sea Route) usually goes from North to South or from West to East, and vice versa for direction b. Where two LF routes converge, finger posts point out the direction. The LF routes are included in various cycle maps and guides. See the GPS tracks of all LF routes or check the cycle route planner.

Themed routes
Another option is to follow themed routes which are made up of several LF routes. The Zuiderzeeroute (Zuider Zee Route, 400 km), for instance, is a particularly popular route, as is the Nederlandse Kustroute (Dutch Coastal route, 570 km), which follows the North Sea and Waddenzee coast. Rondje Twente (Tour of Twente, 165 km) combines various sections of LF routes. The ultimate route for any holiday cyclist is the Ronde van Nederland (Tour of the Netherlands) via LF routes. This tour strings together several (sections of) LF routes into a tour of over 1,300 kilometres. Anyone who completes this route receives a certificate and is listed in the hall of fame at nederlandfietsland.nl on our Dutch website.

Internationale routes
Dutch LF routes don’t end at the border. There are plenty of options to cycle on to Belgium, Germany or Great Britain. More and more European countries provide long-distance cycle routes. Some LF routes are part of international routes, for instance the Rijnfietsroute (Rhine Cycle Route) and the Maasfietsroute (River Maas Cycle Route).

Well prepared
When organising your own cycling holiday, make sure to always prepare your trip properly. After all, well begun is half done. A selection of cycle maps and guides will help you on your way. English versions are also available of Dutch guides with cycle routes in the Netherlands. Don’t have a (good) bike? Not to worry, there are many places where you can hire a bike. There may be times when taking the bike on the train would be useful. For instance, to return to your starting point. For more information about this, please see Cycle transport and repair.

So you have chosen your route? Great, but there are more decisions to be made because where will you stay? In a tent at a natuurkampeerterrein (national park camp site) in a stunning, scenic location, or in a hiker’s hut? Or do you prefer a hostel, guesthouse or comfortable four-star hotel? Choices galore. In the Netherlands, cyclists like to stay in cycle-friendly accommodation.

Cycling packages
Chances are you won’t feel like planning your own route and looking for somewhere to stay. You are on holiday after all. No problem! There are many cycling holiday providers in the Netherlands who offer a wide range of all-in cycling packages including one-base cycling holidays or touring holidays, group or individual travel, with camp-site or hotel accommodation. For more information, check out Cycling packages.