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Cycling in the province of Zeeland

The province of Zeeland is known for its dams and dykes. But also for its wide open beaches, countless dunes, vast polders, salt marshes and mud flats. And beyond its outer dykes, you can always see the glistening water of a lake, the river Scheldt or the sea.

The inhabitants of Zeeland have battled the sea for centuries. Everyone in the Netherlands knows about the disastrous floods of 1953 during which a large part of Zeeland was flooded and almost 2000 people drowned. To prevent such disaster from ever happening again, the Delta Works were constructed, an immense flood defence project of sluices, raised dykes and a storm surge barrier in the Oosterschelde (Eastern Scheldt). Since then, the Zeeland islands have been connected with each other. Many tourists visit Zeeland to admire this ingenious feat of water engineering.

As you cycle through Zeeland, you will discover its rich cultural history. Zeeland villages, towns and cities differ greatly in character. Breskens, Vlissingen and Yerseke are typical fishing villages. Middelburg, Zierikzee and Veere still exude an atmosphere of days gone by. The age-old battle against the sea has created tremendous solidarity among the people of Zeeland. And as a foreign visitor, you are sure to enjoy a very warm welcome here.

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