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Cycling in the province of Utrecht

The smallest province in the Netherlands offers a diverse landscape. Here, you will cycle up and down wooded hills, through valley pastures and along lakes. You will pass old orchards and grand country estates along the river Vecht. And in Rivierenland in the south, you will pedal past river forelands and take the ferry across.

The Netherlands is known as a flat country but Utrechtse Heuvelrug has ‘peaks’ of almost 70 metres high. In the transitional area that leads toward the lower areas, you will come across many grand country estates with beautifully landscaped gardens. This is known as the Stichtse Lustwarande which stretches from De Bilt to Rhenen. There are also many country estates around Baarn and along the rivers Kromme Rijn and Vecht. With so much variety on offer, this is irresistible cycling country!

With its long narrow pastures, west Utrecht looks completely different. The provincial capital Utrecht shares its name with the province and is its bustling heart. The 112-metre-high cathedral tower rises high above the city. A unique feature of the historic city centre are the yards along Oudegracht canal: cellars which lead out onto the lower situated quays by the water.

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