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Cycling in the province of Limburg

Anyone visiting the Netherlands because it is easy cycling country is in for a shock in Zuid-Limburg (South Limburg). Here, you will find yourself pedalling up and down hills. The southern feel is reinforced by the Limburg lilt, chapels, and half-timbered houses – white painted houses, with crisscrossed horizontal and vertical black beams. Very popular with tourists are the marl caves as well as Vaalserberg (322 m), the highest hill in the Netherlands and the point where Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany meet. The provincial capital Maastricht with its historic churches, shops and museums also attracts many visitors. The Maastricht area is a culinary bastion. Sample the local wines, asparagus dishes or beers and you will soon see why.

The lake district around the river Maas, (south)west of Roermond, is totally different. It originated as a result of gravel extraction along the Maas. In the centre and north of Limburg, you will find no fewer than three national parks: De Groote Peel, De Meinweg and De Maasduinen. Dunes in Limburg? Absolutely! With a view of – what else – the river Maas. It was not until later that forests and heathlands covered these dunes.

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