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Cycling in the province of Groningen

Groningen is one of the two most northerly provinces in the Netherlands. The famous slogan ‘er gaat niets boven Groningen' (nothing surpasses Groningen) is a reference to its location but also hints at it being the most beautiful province in the Netherlands. A true claim? Come see for yourself!

Cycling through Groningen is cycling through an open landscape of vast fields, on quiet paths, past historic farms with big granaries. It is taking in wide panoramic views as you cycle along. It is stopping off at picturesque places like Bad Nieuweschans, Pieterburen – with the famous Lenie 't Hart  seal sanctuary – and the terp village of Warffum. Terps (from the Frisian word ‘terp’, also referred to as ‘wierde’ in Groningen) are low man-made mounds of clay and household refuse on which villages used to be built. This is how people would protect themselves from floods when the polder below the terp was flooded.

The Groningen countryside is centuries old: in the north, you will find the fertile marine clay polders along the Dollard arm of the sea; in the southeast, the dead straight fields where once peat was cut.  The much younger National Park Lauwersmeer is situated in the far northwest. The ancient cultural landscape and charming capital are perfect to explore by bike.

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