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Cycling in the province of Gelderland

Gelderland offers many delights. Its landscape is made up of three different areas: the wooded Veluwe, the relaxed countryside of Achterhoek, and Rivierenland with the rivers Maas, Waal, Rhine and Lek. Most people live in the provincial capital Arnhem and the historic university city of Nijmegen.

De Hoge Veluwe with its forests, heathlands and drifting sands forms the largest continuous nature reserve in the Netherlands. The national park that shares its name with the region is home to many wild animals: red deer, wild boar, foxes, mouflons and roe deer. Don’t forget to take your binoculars on this bike trip! The famous Kröller Müller museum is also situated in the park.

Those interested in finding out more about the Dutch monarchy can visit Paleis Het Loo situated in the east of the Veluwe. For three centuries, this used to be the royal family residence. 

Achterhoek exudes a completely different atmosphere: winding paths, rolling fields, groves, old country estates and farms adorn the region. You couldn’t wish for a better backdrop to your bike trip.

In Gelderen’s Rivierenland region – Betuwe, Bommelerwaard, Land van Maas en Waal – you will find yourself cycling through old fortified towns and across winding dykes. With views of the river forelands and slow flowing rivers: it really couldn’t get any more Dutch than this! Rivierenland is at its most beautiful in spring when the fruit trees are in bloom.

For more information, visit:
achterhoek.nl (only availble in Dutch)