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Cycling in the province of Flevoland

Flevoland is a special Dutch province with vast fields, modern towns and cities such as Zeewolde, Lelystad or Almere, and young forests. Everywhere you look, there is space. And along its borders, water splashes onto the dykes. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. But what makes this province stand out is that you are literally cycling on the seabed here!

The last major flood of 1916 was a disaster too far: the wild Zuiderzee had to be tamed. With the construction of the Afsluitdijk dyke (1932), this sea was turned into a lake forever: IJsselmeer. Then followed the reclamation of Noordoostpolder (Northeast Polder), Oostelijk Flevoland (Eastern Flevoland) and Zuidelijk Flevoland (Southern Flevoland). And so, after years of hard work, the Netherlands gained a twelfth province. The country’s youngest province has more to offer than just fertile fields and farms. Horsterwold forest in Zuidelijk Flevoland and the adjoining forest of Hulkesteinse Bos together form the largest hardwood forest in Western Europe. A unique attraction is Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve: wild marshlands with lakes, reed lands and grasslands. It is home to red deer, wild cattle and many birds, including the rare white-tailed eagle.

One last tip: visit Flevoland in spring when the bulb fields are in bloom. A typically Dutch, colourful experience!

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