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Cycling in the province of Drenthe

Nowhere else in the Netherlands will you find as many kilometres of dedicated cycle paths as in Drenthe. No wonder. Cyclists just love its vast heathlands, its dreamy villages, its characteristic Saxon farms and extensive peat moors. But Drenthe has much more to offer. Cycling in Drenthe is discovering the megalithic tombs on Hondsrug ridge. These boulder tombs were made by prehistoric people.

Cycling in Drenthe is exploring National Park Dwingelderveld where countless cycle paths take you across forests, rolling heathlands, sand drifts and meres. This is the largest wet heathland in Western Europe. In late summer, the heathlands are in bloom and form one big purple carpet. A magnificent sight! Chances are that you will come across one of the two herds with – what else but – Drenthe moorland sheep.

Cycling in Drenthe is visiting idyllic villages such as Dwingeloo, Orvelte and Havelte. The province’s ribbon development villages, such as Klazienaveen and Emmer-Compascuum, exude a totally different atmosphere. They are situated along dead straight canals which were dug in the Golden Age to transport cut peat. These days, this is great cycling country.

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