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Cycle maps and guides

There is a huge selection of cycle guides in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the choice of  English guides is (as yet) rather limited. In this section, we list some of the guides available and state whether they are intended for daytrips or multi-day tours. Cycle maps are generally not language bound. You can ‘read’ or use them even if you don’t speak the language.
The guides and maps listed below can be ordered from our webshop (in association with the Fietsvakantiewinkel). Please take in mind the shipping costs and delivery time (mostly more than a week)! You also can email at winkel[ad]fietsvakantiewinkel.nl to order your copy or to inquire about a guide. You can, of course, also buy cycle guides and maps in the Netherlands at local Tourist Information Offices, Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB shops or bookshops.

cover Dutch Basiskaart 2016

Basiskaart LF routes
This is a very useful cycle atlas (only available in Dutch) for a (multi-day) cycle trip in the Netherlands. The complete LF route network and all cycle junctions are mapped out on a set of waterproof unbound maps (scale 1:100,000, see detail on the right). Cycle-friendly accommodation providers are also included on the maps. (€ 24.95).
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LF Maasroute cycle map
The LF Maasroute cycle map offers 3 double-sided cycle maps scale 1:100,000.  including the locations of bike-friendly ‘Fietsers Welkom!’ establishments. A special booklet contains 32 pages of inspiration, sightseeing tips and facts about the LF Maas Route. (€12.95).
TIP: the free LF app is a handy addition to this guide. It includes up-to-date ferry schedules, for instance.
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 cover Zuiderzee Route English

Zuiderzee cycle map
The Zuiderzee cycle map offers 3 double-sided cycle maps scale 1:100,000. A special booklet contains general information to help you prepare your cycle ride. You will read about the former Zuiderzee and receive useful information on how to plan your cycle ride over multiple days. (€12.95).
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Ronde van Nederland (Tour of the Netherlands) guide 
cover Ronde van Nederland via LF-routesThe Ronde van Nederland (Tour of the Netherlands) via LF routes is the ultimate cycle route for any holiday cyclist. Several (sections of) LF routes have been linked together to provide over 1,300 kilometres of cycling fun in the Netherlands. A special cycle guide is available for this route (Dutch version only). It has 48 route maps (scale 1:100,000). The guide has a handy spiral band and also offers useful addresses of museums and attractions, accommodation, ferries and tourist offices. If you have cycled the Tour and can prove that you have done so, you deserve a suitable memento in the form of a certificate. (€16.95)
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Other cycle guides

Cycling The Netherlands, Eric van der Horst
The guidebook Cycling The Netherlands - The very best routes in a cyclist’s paradise contains over 700 kilometers (430 miles) of high quality cycling routes with full route descriptions, high profile mapping, visitor information and accommodation suggestions. Whether you fly to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or arrive on a ferry from the United Kingdom, clear and concise travel information is included. (€ 17,95).
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Bicycle Touring Holland, Katherine Widing
This book highlights more than 50 bike tours into every corner of the country. Widing is an Australian-born journalist, living and working in the United States. She has been touring the Netherlands by bike for many years. She is the author of several Lonely Planet cycling guides. (€ 18,95).
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Regional junction maps
Cycle junction maps are available at local Tourist Information Offices. Alternatively, visit our online webshop where you can find all (ANWB and Falk) maps in one place. The online shop is only available in Dutch but the images and prices give you some idea.